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Become a member NOW;

Mpesa 1,999/-(or 595/-) to my assistant Carol Peters on 0701 333112 or Paypal $19.99 (or $5.95) to the email

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  1. How do I become a member of club 1999

    1., that's my email

  2. i tried downloading the free e book on the link you sent me but an being directed to another registration page which i find that i do not need

  3. I just heard from one of your videos that registration is 10/.

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  5. Hi Chris I paid my contribution,my name,is Joyce Chao

  6. Chris, please embed your email to the line "text me your email address immediately after payment" for easier navigation.

  7. Also, your website can be updated for easy navigaton. When one clicks "Join membership" it should take us straight to a page with all options which aew selectable and then proceed to payment methods. I fear there are many who want to join but quit after being unable to navigate a time consuming process.


Welcome to club1999: How you can be a member in the next few minutes

Hello, Thank you for your interest in club1999. Kumekucha's club1999 is an exclusive place where Chris Kumekucha publishes VERY high...